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Simple semantic versioning method in Azure DevOps pipelines

Frédéric De Smet
August 28th, 2023 · 1 min read

In essence this is a simple way to use semantic versioning in Azure DevOps pipelines. The idea is to use the build number as the version number. major and minor version are set manually. The patch version is automatically updated on every run.


3 major: 0
4 minor: 0
6name: $(major).$(minor)$(Rev:.r)

This will result in the following:

Example of above code

The build number can also be retrieved in a release pipeline if you define the build as a resource for the release pipeline. This can be done by using the following code in the build pipeline.


3 pipelines:
4 - pipeline: build # Alias used in this run
5 source: example-build # Pipeline name in azure DevOps
6 trigger:
7 branches:
8 include:
9 - main

I would also advice to update the run name of the release with the same build number. This can be done by using the following code in the build pipeline.

2- bash: |
3 echo "##vso[build.updatebuildnumber]$("

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